Art is Good For You!

a bluetooth project around Thomas Street, Dublin.

In this climate of global uncertainty Art is Good For You! For a whole week 10th-17th November we are prescribing your daily dose. Passers-by are invited to take away selected artworks via Bluetooth on their mobile phones.

The Bluetooth hubs are located along Thomas Street in café noto, NCAD,Digital Hub and IMMA.

The ‘Art is Good for you’ project attempts to express something of the creative dialogue in and around the ‘creative corridor’ of Thomas Street and offer this to the public. This project was organized as part of a Dublin City Council artists’ residency programme with artist Saoirse Higgins.

Mike Stubbs, director of FACT Liverpool is the invited selector of the artworks. ‘Artisgoodforyou’ is one of a series of events @ ISEA (International Symposium for Electronic Art) pre-symposium week.

Date of event:

10th November to 17th November(end 8pm)

*Hub Locations:

Café Noto, NCAD, Digital Hub, IMMA.

Thomas Street, Dublin.

*NOTE: Turn your mobile bluetooth setting ON to receive ‘Artisgoodforyou’!

Sponsored by Dublin City Council and ISEA2009

Bluetooth technology is supplied by

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