mobile video

mobile video





1) Nurit Bar Shai, video artist, New York.

title:  Nowhere, You turn me.

Mobile moviesx2

NoWhere NowHere

00’56’’ Loop, 2003

Performance: Rosario Ordonez

Nowhere is a work that emerges from the clash of its poetic substance and the mundane

medium selected for its capture – a recording of security footage off of a guards monitor.

Using well-selected model to perform a pre-staged occurrence this piece works to evolve

questions on the essence of the gaze and counter gaze in our world of random impersonal

beholding; through mechanical surveillance and such quotidian experiences as a subway

trip, or indeed an elevator ride.

You Turn Me

02’46 min Infinite loop, 2004

Dancer: Maggie Smalls, Cinematographer: Itay Gross, Sound: Anne Laplantine | Dicipline | 4

You Turn Me is an endless loop projection consisting of a dancing ballerina performing a FouEttes

you turn me mobile video

you turn me mobile video

(Turn) and accompanied with a musical score, in which the work becomes a to-scale music box.The ballerina never tires and her spinning never ceases. The viewer is privileged to observe a perpetual motion machine; the video presents a never-ending moment designed to elicit the same sense of curiosity and wonder that traditional music boxes bring when they come to life.

Nurit Bar-Shai is a New York-based artist. Bar-Shai´s main interest lies in exploring tensions between the mundane and the uncanny in everyday life. Emanating from her profound creative roots in fine arts, Bar-Shai employs video and new technologies to explore fundamental questions of presentation and representation, to reframe the familiar and turn audiences into foreigners in their own ontological domains.

2) Alan Butler, artist, Dublin-Singapore.

title: ozymandias

mobile flashanimation


I met a traveller from an antique land 

Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone

Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,

Half sunk, a shatter’d visage lies, whose frown

And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command

Tell that its sculptor well those passions read

Which yet survive, stamp’d on these lifeless things,

The hand that mock’d them and the heart that fed.

And on the pedestal these words appear:

“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Nothing beside remains: round the decay

Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,

The lone and level sands stretch far away.

3) Vera klute, artist, Dublin-Germany.

animated gif
animated gif


title: nutrition.gif

animated gif.


4) Sarah Boothroyd, sound artist, Canada

title: Forest to Desert 
2 minutes 35 seconds, 2008
Forest to Desert is an audio doodle about this phrase: “Humankind is preceded by forest, and followed by desert.”

title: Worry Worry Worry
1 minute, 2008
A one-minute meditation on anxiety and machines in modern life. It includes narrative clips from the 1957 public domain infomercial, The Relaxed Wife.


5) Slavek Kwi, sound artist, Dublin.

title: bat_echolocation. audio

I have been fascinated with sound-environments for the last 25 years, focusing on electroacoustic sound-paintings. These complex audio-situations are created mainly from site specific recordings, resulting in subjective reports for radio. My work oscillates between purely sound based and multidisciplinary projects.

6) Fiona Larkin, artist, belfast.

title: mobeclipse.gif

animated gif.

Fiona Larkin is an artist based in Flax Art Studios, Belfast. She has exhibited both locally and internationally. Recent projects have included a solo show This Is Not A Shop, Dublin and OMAC, Belfast. She will soon be taking up the ACNI New York Residency and is preparing for her solo in the Context Gallery, Derry. She currently lectures at the University of Ulster.

7) Richard Brown, artist, Edinburgh.

title: maverick machines.

Image jpeg.

As an alternative to the prevalence of digital work, I have been working with analogue and organic electrochemical materials. “Maverick Machines” is inspired by the work of the English Cybernetician Gordon Pask, who also coined the phrase.electrochemicalglass-2002


8) Benjamin Gaulon,artist, France/Dublin

title: self portrait

self portrait

self portrait



Images taken from project: 2.4Ghz™ from surveillance to broadcast

The 2.4Ghz™ project uses a wireless video receiver to hack into wireless surveillance cameras. This device (which is now part of consumers popular products), can be use for wireless surveillance camera but it can also be used for parents to keep an eye on their pupils. Those systems are getting more and more popular as they are getting cheaper. But what most users of those devices don’t realise is that they are broadcasting the signal. This project (in progress) has several layers. Initially I have been walking around different town in Europe to collect and record footage received with the device, see below for the collected movies. The second part of the project (also in progress) consist of placing the device in the street to reveal the presence of the cameras and to make obvious the fact that anyone can receive those signals. 

Benjamin Gaulon belongs to the young generation of artists in the field of technological and new media art,that, adhering to a DIY-ideology, loves to make physical pieces.


9) Philip O Ceallaigh, short story writer, Bucharest/Dublin.

title: Philip_rant A,B,C.philip_rantsA

technological rants and observations on the world from short story writer Philip O Ceallaigh.


10) Michael O’Connell, artist, Brighton

title: mam_of_mocksim

image jpeg.mam-of-mocksim

My way of working involves gathering materials, objects and ideas (including mathematical equations), creating something I may have to accept as overwhelming, cluttered and unresolved and then distilling from that a number of individual (effectively minimalist) works.

11) Beverly Hood, artist, Edinburgh.

title: Madame I

mobile 3Dmovie.

Madame I was the subject of a neurological study in the early 20th century: a patient who had lost her ‘body awareness’, or proprioception. Her predicament, and her lucid, poignant description of it, resonates with the disembodied nature of our contemporary networked lives, of everyday mobile and digital technologies. This work transposes this condition onto a 3D animated character existing in a mobile phone – the Madame I of the title – who contemplates the nature of her disembodied predicament.

12) Baiyon, artist/designer/DJ, Tokyo, Japan.

title: Wallpaper art.

Mobile Wallpaper image


13) Saoirse Higgins, artist, Dublin

title: Unicorn.

title: Helsinki1,2,3


This work contrasts with the fast pace of life people lead when going about their business. man-nature. a moment when i discovered nature and paused. The quiet moment in the middle of a busy day. With this work I am attempting to slow the pace of life down for just a few seconds.


title: streetfighter1,2,3.


Some sounds to help protect you in the street.

Saoirse is an artist living now in Dublin. She is also a lecturer visual arts practice at IADT. She makes art about contested spaces and is the instigator of the ‘art is good for you’ project.


14) Jon Stevenson, sound artist, Dublin

title: referencing FDR.


With barack obama soon to be in the whitehouse, america is optimistic about its future.  Obama has been compared to FDR, and this speech dedicating Hoover Dam shows a possible way forward today in the way that FDR dealt with Economic, Energy and national identity concerns. Jon is a sound designer for feature films.


15) Cliona Harmey, artist, Dublin

title: Lunaluna

Animated gif.


16) Leah Hilliard, artist, NCAD

title: orange.



17) Joan Healey, artist, Dublin.passing_emmets1

title: passing_emmets.

Image. Gif.


18) Doris Rohr, artist and lecturer in UU, Belfast.

title: doris1,2,3,4.doris3of4



19) Hendersonfive, artist, Dublin, fine art NCAD.

title: henderson



Hendersonfive is a part of HendersonNumber, a digital arts group based in Dublin. Collaboratively they have worked on a number of projects, including architectural, audio, visual and participative artworks. He is currently studying Fine Art Media in NCAD, focusing on generative audio and visual new media.


20) Claire Nidecker, artist, lecturer,NCAD.

title: Is_Art_good_for_you?is-art-good-for-you?

Animated gif


Claire Nidecker is an artist and lecturer in Fine Art Media. She received a Fine Art Degree from Crawford College, Cork and Fine Art Masters from NCAD, Dublin. Current work enages with experiences of time, space and interface in relation to the virtual. Work included in Office of Public works, New York Public Library and private collections.


21) Lorraine Byrne ,artist, Dublin.

title: Lorraine.

Image.jpeg. shots of city sky.lorraine2


22) Ciara Agnew, painter, Dundalk.

title: ciara

images.jpeg. images of paintings.ciaraagnew1of2


Ciara Agnew is a full-time working artist from Dundalk, County Louth. She studied art in University of Ulster, where she obtained a BA Honours Degree in Fine and Applied Arts, with specialisation in the area of painting. She joined Bridge Street Studio’s ( )in 2002, where she has been developing and exploring new techniques and approaches to her craft. Collections include ACC Bank and The Office of Public works have included fourteen of her paintings in the State Collection, that hang in various government buildings, one of which was included in the published catalogue ‘The Art of the State’ 1995-2005.

23) Aisling O’ Beirn, artist, Belfast.

title: dublinnames1,2.dublinnames1of2



O’Beirn, based in Belfast makes gallery and site specific work. She has exhibited nationally and internationally.  She is an Associate Lecturer in Sculpture at the University of Ulster. O’ Beirn is represented by The Third Space Gallery, Belfast.

Her work can be seen on


‘Or So I’m Told’ is derived from research into informal accounts of place. The interest in these unofficial accounts stems from a concern regarding the politics of how place is described at a local level. 



25) Aoife Ludlow, artist/designer, researcher UU, Belfast.

Title: Irisiris

Image. Gif.

Image of  dissolving ink.


26) Aine Belton,artist,Dublin.




27) Cormac Browne, artist, Dublin

title: Talking_Thomas_street.



Cormac Browne is a visual artist, working and living in Dublin. He has a BA in Archaeology and Italian literature from UCD and is currently completing his final year of a BFA in Media from the NCAD. Cormac’s work is concerned with revealing transient truths and assumptions, highlighting the cracks that appear in rational thought and accepted practice. This includes the use of the comic: humour can draw an audience in, and at the same time allow for a separation from normative values, so that one views ones circumstances briefly from outside of a socially created framework.


28) Lanfranco Aceti, artist, Istanbul, Turkey.

Title: Dublin29




Mobile technology connects and disconnects, fragments frameworks and represents an amalgamated construction of society that can be consumed in instantaneous bites and parts, without the complexity derived from the vision of the artwork as a whole. Dublin 29 is a series of reductions in mobile snippets to be taken away…

Lanfranco Aceti is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Istanbul, Rome and London. He is Associate Professor in Contemporary Art & Digital Culture at Sabanci University.


30) Lucy Hg, artist, LA. Member of The league of imaginary Scientists.

Title: 8 Conversation starters.lucy3

Text images.jpeg.

Conversation Starters are supplied by the League of Imaginary Scientists, for lulls, emergencies, and moments of unease.


The League of Imaginary Scientists is an international community of scientists, artists, and inventors, who unwind wind-up clocks and retool mechanical apparatus for their imaginary exploits.  League contributors range from mechanical engineers to synthetic biologists and include an imaginary boy from Norway.  Tin foil and bicycles are common components of the League’s participatory mega-media installations.  League experiments have exhibited widely, including at Colombia’s World Year of Physics, MAS in Barcelona, and Electrofringe in Australia, with collaborative networked interactions at El Festival de la Imagen, Mapping Festival at BAC in Geneva, MAAC in Brussels, and (re)Actor in London.  The League’s researchers have held residencies with eMobiLArt and at the Casula Powerhouse in Australia, CESTA in the Czech Republic, Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder in Norway, CalArts in Los Angeles, and Gunnery Studios in Sydney.


31) Ivan Twohig, artist, Dublin

title: ‘Snapshots of a Momentary World’ , ‘Estimated Self Portraits’

images jpegs


‘Snapshots of a Momentary World’.

For these images I created an environment using random objects and models from Google Earth. I arranged these in a chaotic fashion to give the impression of a bustling city street or park. I then moved through this virtual space taking snapshots.


‘Estimated Self Portraits’

Again, using architectural software I composed a series of portaits by altering default models found on Google Earth. I then deleted the textured surfaces of these models leaving only the numbers and lines to indicate the coordinates of my facial features.momentary_world_06


32) John Fitzpatrick, artist,Dublin

title: Absence_of_presence

image. Jpeg.

My Name is John Fitzpatrick and I’m currently studying Visual Arts Practice in IADT, Dun Laoighre. I work with video and photography to produce images which signify the passing of time and energy – “The Phantom of Life” .This image is taken from a body of work in which I’m exploring the position we impose on ourselves in society.absence-of-presence





33) Amy Walsh, artist, Dublin.

Amy Walsh is a visual artist living and working in Dublin. Amy works with lens based, digital media, and installation.

Amy graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2004 with a BA in Fine Art Media, and received an MSc in Multimedia Systems from Trinity College Dublin in 2006. In 2007, she completed an internship in New Media at the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum in New York.



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